The ICELab ~ A Brilliant Workspace

We held our October Women's Networking Night (WNN) at the new ICELab Cafe on the Western State Colorado University (WSCO) Campus. What a neat work space to have been created and what a brilliant idea! WSCU is fast becoming the focal point for entrepreneurs from around the entire Western Slope with the opening of the ICELab and ICELab Cafe. Located in Escalante Hall, the ICELab offers unique workspaces for entrepreneurs, new start-up businesses, expanding businesses and students. They offer work spaces from fully furnished desk spaces and furnished office spaces to conference room use. Not only do they offer fully modular workspace, they also offer gigabit internet, and Colorado Small Busines

You'll Never Get Anywhere If You Don't Start Taking Risks

It's never easy to step out of your comfort zone and take risks but with risk often comes great reward. But how does one know which risks to take and which to avoid? To reach one's goals and dreams, one must first determine what it is they want... what's the goal? Once you have that goal in mind, determine what it's going to take to achieve that goal. Make a list of pros and cons, and make sure you are willing to put in the effort and take the necessary risks to achieve your goal. It's also important to have a good support system in your life. Those who will support you in your journey. Those who will tell you the truth, no matter what that truth may be. These people may be family, friends o

Girls Who Stay Single For Large Gaps Of Time Actually End Up The Happiest

Girls Who Stay Single For Large Gaps Of Time Actually End Up The Happiest You see it everywhere, TV, the movies, even just walking down the street. Society would like to have us think that we need to be in a relationship in order to be happy. On the contrary, the happiest girls are the ones who have learned how to be happy on their own. They are self-sufficient, independent, strong willed, and comfortable in their own skin. They don't need to be in a relationship in order to find happiness. They are the girls who in high school focused on their studies, hobbies, and sports; things other than boys. They are the girls who decided to take a break from the dating scene. Despite what society woul

People Who Prefer To Be Alone Have These 6 Special Personality Traits

People Who Prefer To Be Alone Have These 6 Special Personality Traits Do you prefer to be alone? Do you find a certain self-fulfillment in spending time with just yourself? I know I sure do. I enjoy my "me time", the alone time I do some of my best soul searching and thinking. I've become more self-aware than I've ever been. I love long drives by myself where I can just reflect on things. People often ask if I have a good music selection. Honestly, I seldom listen to music in the car unless to keep myself awake on a long drive. I enjoy the quiet time to think. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy spending time with my friends. In fact, I used to dread being alone. I always wanted to be out doing s

10 Things That Define A Girl With A Wild Heart

10 Things That Define A Girl With A Wild Heart Tell me I can't do something and I'll probably prove you wrong. That's how I became a Firefighter/EMT. Someone once told me "oh, you can't do that..." Here I am 6 years later and loving my volunteer work as an Engineer Firefighter/EMT with our local Fire Dept. Girls with a wild heart have a drive to succeed. They will achieve the goals they set for themselves and when someone tells them they can't, they'll likely take that as a challenge (watch this! she'll say) Along with a wild heart is her free spirit and hunger for adventure. Whether that's traveling the world or just trying new things right at home, a girl with a wild heart is always up fo

Why Women Need Their Girlfriends

Why Women Need Their Girlfriends It wasn't until well into my 30's that I began to realize how important my girlfriends were to me. It took moving to a new town and going through a divorce to realize, I needed and longed for my girlfriends. Growing up I had a couple close girlfriends but the majority of my friends were "the guys." It was always easier for me to make friends with boys. When I was a young girl, I wasn't interested in playing dress-up or with dolls. I preferred sports and playing outside in the mud. As I got older, I still found myself preferring things like working on my truck or 4-wheeling with the guys to shopping or trying on clothes and make up. In fact, all through high s

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