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About The Gunnison Valley Women's Network

The Gunnison Valley Women's Networking idea came to two friends one blustery winter afternoon in early March 2017. They were thinking how nice it would be to have a regular get together for local women. A way to catch up with friends as well as network and meet new people. The idea started out small and has grown into including the entire Gunnison Valley. A way to unite the communities, businesses, friend, and women of the Gunnison Valley.


Networking is one of the best ways to make new business contacts or just meet new people and make new friends. The Gunnison Valley Women's Network holds a networking night once a month on the last Wednesday; Women's Networking Night, or WNN. We also host fun monthly events and activities throughout the year. We look forward to getting together with old friends and meeting new ones!

The Gunnison Valley Women's Network is a networking group for ALL WOMEN. Unlike many other networking groups, you do not need to be a business owner or even be employed. This group was created for women of all walks of life to empower and support women!

Whether you are a stay at home mom, student, new to the valley, or have been here for years, this group is for you!

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Women's Networking Night (WNN)

Women's Networking Nights (WNN) are held on the last Wednesday of each month. These Networking Nights are a way for the women of the Gunnison Valley to get out and meet other women in our area. We rotate locations between Crested Butte, Almont and Gunnison, Colorado. 


We are so pleased with how how successful our first few years of events have been. It is great getting to meet so many new people! We look forward to continuing to make new business connections, staying in touch with existing contacts and making new friends!

Be sure to invite your friends and co-workers and help spread the word about this monthly networking opportunity and great group! We look forward to seeing you at future Women's Networking Nights!

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Partnering With Uncharted Outdoorswomen

Our founder and organizer Erin, is also a guide and event host for Uncharted Outdoorswomen! She is excited to share her guiding services, outdoor events and activities with the Gunnison Valley Women's Network.

Uncharted Outdoorswomen partners with local businesses to create a safe place for the fastest growing demographic in the outdoors: WOMEN. They consist of a dream team of women fighting historical barriers that exist in the outdoor space. Their goals are to build an inclusive community, build confidence, develop outdoor skills, and teach ethical habitat and wildlife use practices. Conservation is one of their highest priorities; having a good time lies just below that.

Our community comes to us for adventure, friendship, and our own mental health. Uncharted Outdoorswomen leverages their network of experienced outdoorswomen to teach each other how to recreate responsibly, enjoy the outdoors safely, and practice ethical hunting and fishing standards.

You can find upcoming events and activities with Uncharted Outdoorswomen on our Events page or book private guided tours with Erin or one of the other talented local Uncharted Outdoorswomen guides here:

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Why Your Donation Is So Important

The Gunnison Valley Women's Network runs completely off of your donations. Every little bit of support helps keep our website up and running, covers materials costs for our WNNs, and helps us book future events, activities and workshops.

We do not charge membership fees however we greatly need and appreciate your support!

*Suggested donation: $5/per WNN

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Donations can be made in person at our monthly WNNs or online via Venmo or PayPal. Venmo to @cbcroke or click the donate button below to donate via PayPal.

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