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Why Women Need Their Girlfriends

It wasn't until well into my 30's that I began to realize how important my girlfriends were to me. It took moving to a new town and going through a divorce to realize, I needed and longed for my girlfriends.

Growing up I had a couple close girlfriends but the majority of my friends were "the guys." It was always easier for me to make friends with boys. When I was a young girl, I wasn't interested in playing dress-up or with dolls. I preferred sports and playing outside in the mud. As I got older, I still found myself preferring things like working on my truck or 4-wheeling with the guys to shopping or trying on clothes and make up. In fact, all through high school my best friend was a boy. We're still good friends today but it's my girlfriends I turn to when going through some of life's best of times and worst of times.

The older I've gotten, the more I've realized how much I need and long for good girl friends in my life. Things like career changes, divorce, cancer, and death aren't things I want to talk about with "the guys". A thoughtful conversation with my girlfriends, their intuitive advice and support are what I was longing for when dealing with some of life's hardest curveballs. It's life's best and most difficult moments that remind us Why Women Need Their Girlfriends.

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