IAAF World Athletics Championships 2017 - Emma Coburn, Courtney Frerichs Finish 1-2 In Women's S

If you weren't watching the IAAF World Athletics Championships on Friday, there's a pretty good chance you missed one of the most epic races in running history. If you were watching, you're probably as excited about the results as the rest of us. It's likely an understatement to say that we are all very proud of Crested Butte native, Emma Coburn on her Gold Medal win in the Women's Steeplechase. A race even she admits she had no business winning. And as if a Gold Medal win wasn't exciting enough, Emma's teammate Courtney Frerichs won the Silver Medal! "I was just hoping to finish in the top five or six," said Frerichs.

Sheer excitement was in the air as the pair crossed the finish line on Friday. The two runners shared an exhausted but exhilarating hug as they celebrated the amazing victories together. Emma finished in 9:02.58, the fastest she had ever run, and the fastest time ever in the World Championships. But what was probably most remarkable is that before Friday's race, Frerichs' fastest Steeplechase time was 9:19:09. On Friday, she beat that time by 15 seconds coming in at an amazing 9:03.77 to take the Silver Medal.

Before Friday, no American had won a world title in Steeplechase since 1952 and no U.S. woman had ever finished placing 1-2 in any world championship distance race. This just may have been one of the most outstanding, incredible moments in American distance running history ever! So if you missed Friday's race, you need to read this article: IAAF World Athletics Championships 2017 - Emma Coburn, Courtney Frerichs Finish 1-2 In Women's Steeplechase Final


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