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School of Rocks

mountain biker riding through forest - view from underneath looking up towards sky.

Summer is wrapping up and thousands of new young grads are getting ready to start a new chapter in life as they head off to college this fall. A lot of thought and consideration has gone into where they will be heading. Things such as academic offerings, professors, cost, class size etc... Another consideration that is at the top of the list in determining what school to go to is location. When it comes to where to go go school, where to play is almost as important, especially for the avid outdoor loving student. Where to go climbing. Where to go hiking. Where to go kayaking and mountain biking. Where can they learn more about the outdoors they love so much? These are all things to take into consideration.

Elevation Outdoor Magazine recently asked their outdoor loving readers to choose the best outdoor-focused schools of the Rocky Mountain West - School of Rocks. It's no surprise to us that Western State Colorado University made the very top of the list. With Crested Butte in its backyard, surrounded by mountains, streams and plenty of places to climb, kayak and hike, WSCU is the perfect school for the outdoor lover. Dedicated to providing programs that teach, protect and preserve our outdoor wildlands, Western deserves the #1 spot on the list of outdoor-focused schools.

Student led programs such as Wilderness Pursuits (WP) teach students leadership while providing low-cost gear rentals as well as outdoor-focused classes in everything from kayaking and climbing to backcountry skiing. "The leadership WP instructors exhibit is completely uncontrived and genuine," says Christy Hicks, former WP director. "They constantly make decisions that positively affect the mental, physical and emotional well-being of themselves and others."

For more information on Western State Colorado University and the runner up schools, read more on the School of Rocks from Elevation Outdoors Magazine.

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