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CB Council Gives Final Green Light To New Center

The Crested Butte Center For The Arts has served the community well over the past 30+ years. Converted from an old County maintenance building in 1985, the Center For The Arts building has reached its capacity for fulfilling the community's needs the past several years. A bigger space, designed for the artistic needs of the community is needed.

On Monday May 15th, in a 4-1 vote, the Crested Butte City Council gave the final green light allowing the Center For The Arts to begin its expansion project. The official groundbreaking will be sometime next month with site preparation beginning as early as next week. The project has been broken up into phases with Phase 1 entailing site preparation, tree removal, deconstruction of the playground and construction of the new building to the north of the current building. Ideally the first phase will be completed in approximately 16 months.

Funds are still being raised for the $15 Million project. The Center For The Arts is confident that the funds will come in soon with excitement growing at the start of the project. Ed Schmidt, the Center board president, states “the board’s comfort level to achieve the $15.3 million campaign goal is very high,” with a goal of only another $4 Million to be raised this summer.

For more information on the Monday meeting, see the full article in the Crested Butte News and for more information on the Center For The Arts Building in the Hearts project, click here.

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