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Top 10 Autumn Interior Trends (According to Pinterest)

Woman arranging fall colored berries in a vase

The days are getting shorter and the nights cooler which means Fall is here! As we start spending more time indoors, many of us may be thinking about ways we can bring some autumn warmth into our homes.

A great, inexpensive way to achieve this this is to incorporate some of your favorite fall colors in your decor. Make small changes such as swapping out the throw pillows in the living room, comforters in the bedroom and decorating with your favorite fall colors and art pieces.

According to data from Pinterest, this year's top trends include nature-inspired interiors, deep forest greens and room dividers in addition to the traditional fall decor and colors.

The Top 10 Autumn Trends For 2021 Are:

  • Nature inspired (287,506 pins)

  • Classic contemporary (190,090 pins)

  • Room dividers (108,708 pins)

  • Silver furnishings (94,625 pins)

  • Dark green décor (90,870 pins)

  • Shaped furniture (68,248 pins)

  • Warm neutrals (66,476 pins)

  • Layered rooms (51,678 pins)

  • Mixed textures (35,299 pins)

Read more in Country Living's article on the Top 10 Autumn Interior Trends for 2021, According To Pinterest



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