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Crested Butte Hotel proposal is notching up BOZAR approvals

You may have heard the buzz around town that there is a new hotel project on the horizon. The review process and journey through the BOZAR approval process continues for the Sixth Street Station developers. There was support on several major elements from the BOZAR board at the April 12th meeting, including that of the Sixth Street Station’s basic size and mass. BOZAR members found the Planned Unit Development (PUD) to be “compatible with the neighborhood context and the scale is consistent with the objectives and purposes of the zoning code and the B-2 district”. The plan as of now is for there to be two buildings along Sixth Street from Gothic Avenue to the North end of town across from the Gas Café which sits on the corner of Butte Avenue. These two buildings will be home to a 33-unit condominium hotel and will have 67 “keys” or separate hotel rooms. The approximately 27,000 square foot building that will house the lobby will also be home to a bar and some additional retails space. The annex building containing the hotel rooms will also have three units dedicated to affordable housing for employees and be about 28,000 square feet. There is also plans for five cottages. So far BOZAR is agreeable to allowing a valet parking aisle for the hotel, a deck extension and awning over the Teocalli Avenue right of way. For more information, be sure to attend the next meeting between the developers and BOZAR which is scheduled for Friday May 12th.

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