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10 Things That Define A Girl With A Wild Heart

Tell me I can't do something and I'll probably prove you wrong. That's how I became a Firefighter/EMT. Someone once told me "oh, you can't do that..." Here I am 6 years later and loving my volunteer work as an Engineer Firefighter/EMT with our local Fire Dept.

Girls with a wild heart have a drive to succeed. They will achieve the goals they set for themselves and when someone tells them they can't, they'll likely take that as a challenge (watch this! she'll say) Along with a wild heart is her free spirit and hunger for adventure. Whether that's traveling the world or just trying new things right at home, a girl with a wild heart is always up for something new and exciting. They love meeting new people and trying new things.

Those with a free spirit and wild heart are often the ones who are left with the scars of heartbreak. However, they are able to heal and move on, able to love again. These past heartaches just make them that much stronger. Women with wild hearts need a man who can keep up with her and not try and tame her. There's no taming the free spirit. We can only hope we find another free spirit with a wild heart.

So to all the free spirited women with wild hearts, may your next adventure bring you much happiness.

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