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A New Support Group For The Gunnison Valley

The Gunnison Valley is overflowing with activities, clubs and organizations for its adventure seekers. What the Gunnison Valley is lacking however is support groups. The Mental Health needs of those living in the Gunnison Valley need to be addressed. We’re excited to see that one young mother has decided to share her passion for helping others by starting a support group for mothers facing Postpartum Depression, Anxiety and OCD.

Laura Sutton-Williams has lived in the Gunnison Valley off and on for the past 18 years, graduating from Western State Colorado University in 2004 with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Biology. Laura has always loved helping those in need, especially children and babies in third world countries. Most recently Laura has traveled to places such as Guatemala, Albania, The Dominican Republic and Honduras. Laura and her husband have been together for 15 years and in December 2015 welcomed their first child, a healthy and happy baby boy.

It wasn’t until just recently when Laura was watching a documentary on Postpartum Depression (PPD), that she realized a lot of the symptoms they were describing she could relate to. Finally, answers. She wasn’t alone. There must be other mothers out there experiencing the same thing she thought. Unfortunately, as Laura soon found out, there are no support groups for mothers facing postpartum depression in the Gunnison Valley. Wanting to be better for her son, Laura has made it her goal to change that, taking on the project of setting up a new support group for mothers in the Gunnison Valley – The Gunnison Valley PPD Support Group.

Laura is in the process of becoming PSI certified in PPD so that she can soon begin helping other mothers learn to cope with and handle the symptoms of PPD, giving them the tools necessary to once again feel a sense of “normal”. Working with local counselors, MOPS and The Gunnison Public Health, Laura hopes to soon have a well-established curriculum for the group to follow as well as plenty of resources available to mothers dealing with PPD, Anxiety and OCD. you can visit the Gunnison Valley PPD Support website for more information.

Please show your support for Laura and this new, much needed group by visiting the page set up to help raise funds to get this group off the ground. Funds raised will go to maintaining a website, bringing in specialist guest speakers, counselors, logistic costs to keep the group running, etc... Your support is greatly appreciated!

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